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Founded to rethink interaction with the Internet and digital user interfaces in general, Semanux is a spin-off from the Analytic Computing department of the University Stuttgart. Semanux is developing technologies that make it possible to operate a computer via combination of various input means, mostly eliminating the need for a mouse and a keyboard. The focus of Semanux is on intuitive hands-free operation, which not only advances the accessibility of the digital world, but can also be utilized in many other applications in which the use of the hands is impaired.

The Semanux spin-off was incepted in 2021 and funded by an EXIST transfer of research pre-seed program. The founders' extensive research background in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and interaction design forms the basis of the innovative approach to integrate AI-based input methods for the easy and intuitive operation of digital interfaces.

This innovation is embedded into their first product: Semanux Access, a subscription software aimed for improving accessibility that enables hands-free interaction with the computer and allows the individual combination of various input means, which can be personally adapted to each user and their needs. Specifically, their product effectively combines head tracking and various input switches as well as eye tracking and non-verbal sound input in a single product.

The technology by Semanux also offers solutions for ergonomics in the office and at home as well as on public displays, industrial manufacturing and operation rooms where the use of Semanux makes the interaction with digital user interfaces more efficient, hygienic, and accessible. In the long term, Semanux aimes to reshape the way we interact with digital systems - for everyone.

Operating Time: 09/2021 - 06/2023

Source of Funding: EXIST

Members: Dr. Raphael Menges, Ramin Hedeshy, Lukas Schmelzeisen, Florian Lerch, Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab, Ruben Maier

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