Usability Data ECO system

User-friendliness is fundamental for the success of web applications. User studies help identify problems with websites. However, the evaluation of studies by usability experts is time-consuming, highly subjective and so difficult to understand that user studies are often skipped. Hence, many systems remain hard to use. We develop UDeco, a platform for a usability data ecosystem, that collects and processes usability data and knowledge from user studies in order to automate evaluation of usability studies by means of machine learning and data mining.

The data to be collected and evaluated in the ecosystem comprise (i) usability knowledge of experts as well as data collected from user studies, in detail (ii) observations of dynamic website content and (iii) user data (mouse data, eye tracking) and (iv) feedback data (questionnaire, thinking aloud data). The ecosystem will (a) support usability experts by providing a 360-degree view, (b) grow and become an intelligent expert itself, and thus (c) expand the scope of usability optimization because fewer resources and know-how are needed.

Operating Time: 01/2020 - 12/2022

Source of Funding: BMBF - KMU Innovativ


Project Members

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