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Socially Intelligent Robotics Lab

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Who we are

The Department "Socially Intelligent Robotics Lab" was founded in 2023 and it is part of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of the University of Stuttgart.


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Our Research Scope

The Socially Intelligent Robotics Lab currently focuses on the following research areas:

- Semantic SLAM: how mobile robots, in combination with geometric SLAM methods, can come to a semantic scene understanding, i.e., recognize objects in their environment and anchor them in the map, even those they know poorly or have never seen before. For example, one goal is to learn as photorealistic a 3D map as possible of previously unknown (household) environments. 

- Sonic Human-Robot Interaction: besides verbal interaction between humans and robots, non-verbal utterances contribute equally to a believable and successful interaction. The goal here is to develop a system that can flexibly generate sound-based non-verbal utterances for robots, as well as the development of a derivation scheme for non-verbal utterances. 


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