Institute for Artificial Intelligence (KI)

General overview of the research scope of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence.


Research Area Department
Combining discrete probability distributions and Deep Learning AC, MLS
Computer Vision ISP
Constrained Learning IS
Explainable AI AC, MLS
Generative Modeling AC, MLS
Geometric Deep Learning AC, MLS
Graph Machine Learning AC, MLS
Graph Neural Networks AC, MLS, IS
Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction AC
Intelligent Vehicles AC, ISP
Knowledge Graphs AC, MLS
Machine Learning and Simulation AC, MLS, IS
Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing AC, MLS
Machine Learning and Combinatorial Optimization MLS
Multimodal Human Acitivty Analysis ISP
Open-Set-, Open-Domain- and Uncertainty-aware Recognition ISP
Optimization IS
Physics-based Machine Learning AC, MLS, IS
Reflection on Web, AI and Society AC
Reinforcement Learning IS
Resource- and Data-efficient Recognition ISP
Robust Machine Learning IS
Semantic Digital Twins AC
Signal Processing IS
Time Series Analysis AC


Area Department
Applications for Health Monitoring, Physiological Analysis and Medical Diagnostics ISP
Applications of Foundation Models AC
Assistive Systems and Robotics AC, ISP
Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Digital Twins for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction AC
Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Digital Twins for Engineering Design and Production AC
Knowledge Graphs for Intelligent Vehicles AC
Machine Learning for (Bio-) Medical Applications MLS
Machine Learning for Molecules (Property Prediction, ML for PDEs) MLS
ML for Physical Systems AC, MLS
NLP for Biomedical Applications AC

Head of Department

Research Group Leader

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