Alexandra Baier Discusses AI's Role in Safe Navigation at AI Office Hours

March 23, 2023

On March 21, Alexandra Baier, a researcher of Analytic Computing, gave a talk as part of the Cyber Valley ecosystem's AI Office Hours series. The online event offered a platform for Baier to share her latest research on how artificial intelligence can help safely steer ships.

During her presentation, Alexandra Baier highlighted the importance of AI in improving navigation safety and discussed her work on developing algorithms that can make AI-controlled ships safer. For example, when there is a strong storm, it is already difficult for trained captains to act correctly. How does an AI deal with exceptional situations for which it has not been trained?

The AI Office Hours event allowed a wider audience to learn about the latest developments in AI and its real-world applications, even those without technical expertise. Baier's presentation provided a concrete example of how AI is being used to solve practical problems and improve safety in various industries.

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