Launch of the Artificial Intelligence Institute at the event "Engineering Intelligence – Cyber Valley at the University of Stuttgart"

November 17, 2023

The upcoming event, "Engineering Intelligence – Cyber Valley at the University of Stuttgart,” scheduled for November 29th and 30th, invites enthusiasts to explore artificial intelligence, intelligent robotics, and intelligent systems. The event will feature University of Stuttgart members of Cyber Valley, Europe’s premier AI research alliance. These members reflect the breadth of work in AI being performed at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the Clusters of Excellence SimTech and IntCDC, and the Center for Bionic Intelligence, to name but a few. In particular, the event will spotlight the newly founded Institute for Artificial Intelligence, providing it with the opportunity to present itself in four lectures and a panel about the future of AI. 
To register for the event, please sign up by November 24 at
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