Korok Sengupta successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis on gaze and voice-based text entry

May 23, 2023

Dr. Korok Sengupta, a member of Analytic Computing, successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Improving Usability of Gaze and Voice based Text Entry Systems" on May 17, 2023.
The conventional method of text entry using keyboards and mice has long been the primary means of interacting with digital environments. However, this approach poses limitations in terms of accessibility and hinders interaction for individuals with situational impairments.
Recognizing this challenge, Dr. Sengupta dedicated his research to investigate alternative methods of text entry, particularly through gaze-based input. One noteworthy outcome of his work is the development of an innovative keyboard that leverages word predictions to enhance the user experience. 
Furthermore, Dr. Sengupta went beyond the confines of gaze-based input and explored the potential of multimodal interaction by combining gaze and voice. This novel approach not only exhibited improved performance but also delivered a better user experience, surpassing the limitations of gaze-only text entry.
From left to right, Prof. Bulling, Prof. Lehmann, Dr. Sengupta, Prof. Staab
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