Prof. Steffen Staab contributes to plan how to Advance Simulation and Machine Learning

March 23, 2023

From October 2023, Prof. Steffen Staab will become the Simtech co-spokesperson together with Prof. Wolfgang Nowakfuture. They recently participated in an interview with the current spokesperson Prof. Thomas Ertl, where they provided an interim review of Simtech.

During the interview, they agreed that incorporating data science and machine learning with simulation has contributed to establish a more advanced simulation discipline, attracting many students and researchers to the cluster.

Looking to the future, they plan to continue integrating machine learning with simulation but also plan to expand beyond this to integrate knowledge into simulation systems, with the aim of making them more intelligent. Incorporating expert knowledge into simulations would allow to save computational power and time, as well as enable simulations to learn from experience.

More details can be found here: 

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